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Company overview

REN TAX AND FINANCIAL CONSULTING LTD. is a dynamic and innovative accounting and business consulting firm that offers its clients value-added services focused on business improvement and growth.

The company offers proven expertise in accounting, bookkeeping, including the preparation of monthly financial reports, debtor and creditor management, tax consulting, external and internal auditing, and risk management consulting.

REN TAX AND FINANCIAL CONSULTING LTD. consists of respected, highly experienced and qualified professionals with extensive experience in their areas of expertise. The company is designed to be a one-stop center for accounting, financial and business consulting services for those intending to set up businesses and those with business establishments.






Why People Trust Us?


We've Done It Before

We have been working since 2013 and already have a few grey hairs on our heads! Our experience and creative thinking will help your work be done successfully.

Honesty and Integrity

We're open and honest about what we do. We'd rather make a difference to you than make a quick quid for ourselves.

Reliability and Accountability

We meet deadlines, fulfill responsibilities and do quality work. We communicate clearly, keep commitments and support our customers. We take constructive feedback positively, use it as a tool for improvement. We take responsibility for the tasks and decisions. We don't blame others for our mistakes, but work to correct them and learn from the experience.

Looking for a First-Class Business Plan Consultant?


We believe in providing quality services by bridging the gap between the client's business complex and solutions. REN TAX AND FINANCIAL CONSULTING LTD. values client satisfaction above all else in creating a professional environment.

We strive for excellence through innovation and collaboration to improve performance and achieve the best possible results for our customers, our employees, partners and the community.
These beliefs are embedded in our core values:

  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Competence
  • Effective communication
  • Quality and Continuous Improvement


We become a trustworthy and reliable accounting and business consulting in the field of taxes and financial issues, where excellence and perfection in our works are absolutely exhibited, proven and recognised by customers, while providing a work environment where employees can grow and succeed in the industry


To provide exceptional financial and professional services while maintaining the highest level of integrity and professionalism by being the first choice in tax and financial matters in Tanzania, striving to develop the skills of our staff, and ensuring the highest quality, safety and our overall commitment to client satisfaction.